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March 5, 2014
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Nomnivore app *also updated* by Amphibnia Nomnivore app *also updated* by Amphibnia

Name: Nom (as in name in french, LOL I'm so stupid)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 15
Height: 5'4
weight: 115 lbs
Birthday: 5/15
Hair color: Golden blonde
Eye color: Her eyes are a desaturated blue green.
Sexual orientation: She is attracted to both genders, although she doesn't open up about it and is still "in the closet" per se.
Family members: mother, father, two little brothers Levi and Elias
Mate/partner: None
Responsibilities or jobs: Takes care of her younger siblings when her parent's aren't around.


Name: Nomnivore, alternatively known by strangers as "The Cat and Snake," or "Cat Snake"
Gender: Female, Whereas Jeremy is referred to as male but has no sex.
Species: Human, but has catlike features such as her eyes and claws. No catlike behavior.
Age: 15
Height: 5'4 not including her hood
weight: 115 lbs, somewhere around 210 including Jeremy
Hair color: Golden Blonde
Eye color: Yellow with catlike pupils
Sexual orientation: Same as above. From the outside she seems nearly asexual or having a lack of interest.
Mate/partner: None
Responsibilities or jobs: Feels it is her responsibility to act as a middleground between Nightmares and the rest of society. She does not actively pursuit nightmares, she leaves them be and prefers to have them come to her. She believes in serving as a bringer of justice for the misunderstood.


Character's past: (at least five sentences)

Nom in her younger days was independent and active outside. She loved nature and animals. Even the most repulsive of animals were interesting to her, her favorite being toads and moles. She had an odd fascination with reptiles from a young age, and had an ongoing search for garder snakes that hid in her backyard. Her life drastically changed when she started going to elementary school. Being raised as a hippey child that was very protected and rarely played with friends, the life of school was too much on her little mind. Nom withdrew into herself and her mind. Nom didn't make friends with other kids, instead she had imaginary friends. Not wanting to make her mother worried, she would never tell her parents how she felt about school, and they simply assumed she was fine. Not even Nom knew that she had been enduring bullying and isolation. It didn't help that she didn't hold much interest in making friends with children her age, either. Eventually it began to be ingrained in her mind that kids in general were no good, and that friends... didn't exactly exist. not like they did in TV, and everything just looked... fake. Non existent. All this however she never really realized and only learned to get used to it, and looked at most things from a neutral standpoint.

She moved away from the wilderness into the city, which she took surprisingly well even though the wild was her solace from the odd standards school set for her. She began to feel more attached to writing and drawing, and used those as a creative outlet when things weren't going well at school. She kept her imaginary friends, they helped her cope. She often imagined they were there with her, and talked to them. However, a deep anxiety was settling in her brain. She looks into herself and analyses everything, even when she doesn't want to. To her brain, it helped her avoid conflict and strife. She began remembering her dream world experiences at the age of 12. Jeremy was always with her but was much different by the age of 13, not until her family became vegans. Becoming vegan made her realize all of the horrible things done to innocent people and animals in this world. She became bitter to the world and its ignorance to the suffering of animals, and she withdrew herself even more from social situations in fear that people would target her with teasing of being "too sensitive." Being the only one who cared out of the hundreds that didn't, made her paranoid of how people thought of her, deciding to avoid being seen altogether.

Character's present state: (at least five sentences)

Nom goes to high school, a sophomore. Her school is progressive and accepting, and has helped her reach out of her shell slightly. However, she still deals with the loneliness of being ultimately aware of everything fake in the world. Although she has learned just not to speak of any of it, she still is unable to get any peace of mind without going into dream realm. There at least, she feels like she is standing up for something she believes in. She is a very good student, and gets very upset and panics if she does not get perfect grades. Always afraid of being alienated yet subjects herself to it all the time, she is deathly afraid of being looked at as a pitiful slacker. She works so hard for her grades she breaks under the pressure sometimes. This is not only because of her fear of being alienated, but also her fear of failure. She already failed badly in elementary, and she wasn't going to do that again.

Their personality:
Nom is best described as reserved. Nobody knows her core self, as her personality changes depending on who she is dealing with. A survival tactic at most, as she views what most people would call "socializing" as serious, dangerous business that involves lies, fake feelings, and heartbreak as well as betrayal. Outwardly, she ranges from Kind, warm hearted and witty, to cold, unresponsive or uncaring. She comes in and out of social moods. For a week she will be active with her friends, and then for another week she will be all alone, left to ponder life's most dangerous and controversial subject who nobody she knows personally would even dare talk about. She is prone to alienating herself from other people due to her cynical attitude and fear of being betrayed, yet she is scared of being left behind and not being able to come back to society. She is observant, suspicious, has a keen sight for anyone with manipulative tendencies and fakeness. She can tell from people's mannerisms and the way they speak, and loves to break down other people's psyche.

Likes and dislikes: She greatly dislikes groups of people. She loves interacting with individuals, but groups of people always rub her the wrong way. Always. She also dislikes Ignorance of any form, and sometimes hates it to the point of wanting it to be gone from existence. She hates meaningless cruelty, and lose lacking empathy for the broken or silent who cannot defend themselves. She is greatly steered away from anybody with manipulative intentions.

She likes dependability, and greatly appreciates those who want to be equal to her. More than anything else in her life she wishes for a friend who will always be there when she needs them, but not necessarily in her grill all the time. Someone who has faith in her that she will come back. She also loves art and creativity in its most honest and genuine forms.

Relationships outside of dream realm: She has many acquaintances, but not many "friends."


Reason behind dream form: (at least five sentences)

Nom's dream form represents a lot of different things at once. Jeremy, her tail, represents all she is fighting for and all she is trying to avoid at the same time. Jeremy is a friend of hers who cannot defend or speak for himself. So, he represents all of the things that are left unsaid that she is fighting for. But, his presence also causes her problems. She sacrifices many things for her passion to help him thrive. Her friends, her happiness, everything. Much like the relationship between her and her veganism. The farther and farther she goes into it, and the harder she fights for him, the more bitter she feels to all who are ignorant to her values. So, she and Jeremy, isolate themselves from others in a feel-good depression. Like, "aw we're so edgy and misunderstood bawww" But in the end, all she and him are doing is making themselves lonely and sad. He also represents a toxic relationship between her and a friend, with much the same idea/situation/outcome.

The tape, on the other hand, is her inability to speak her thoughts to others when she is in that stage of being isolated. The tape isn't always there, showing that sometimes she sees the value in communication briefly. When she has the tape, it means she is seething in her bitterness and anger towards people, and sees Jeremy as her only ally. Jeremy feeds off of bitterness, so he grows large the more hurt or misunderstood she feels. He often urges her to stay away from people in fear that the bitterness will go away and he in turn will also whither. The tape is a second precaution to discourage others from talking to Nomnivore to break her shell of bitterness.

Character's present state: (at least five sentences)

Nomnivore wanders dream realm, letting her intuition alone guide her. She often ends up in places even she has no way to expect, and doesn't shy away from any environment. Nomnivore often protects meaningless abuse towards other creatures, particularly nightmares, who she sees as innocent, like animals. To her they are only doing their job as the bringers of negativity to the earth. She has an almost unexplainable connection to nightmares that cannot speak in particular, sometimes able to gain their trust by staring at them. However she will not hesitate to kill if she is attacked brutally first.

Their personality:
As explained above, Nomnivore is very absorbed into the well being of nightmares. She is an active empath to them, and has created an alliance with many of them. She is independent and does not claim to be either side, fantasy or nightmare, but rather goes by what she sees as right. Her thoughts are sometimes manipulated by Jeremy, who urges for her to be more bitter to those who are ignorant. when confronted by this there is a 50/50 chance she will convert to her more asocial personality on the spot. When she can, she tells him to calm down and that there is responsibility that she has to remain a middleground for fantasy creatures and nightmares.
Outwardly, she is calm, does not speak loudly, and thinks a lot before assuming things. She smiles like a dog snarls and bears its teeth, To show disgust, aggression and arrogance. However, when put with the right person she can be very pleasant to be around. In general she is a wild card, she may act aggressive, calm, or even friendly. It very much depends on how much control Jeremy has over her thoughts. There are a few times that she has acted vicious or cruel for seemingly no known reason, so she can be dangerous to be around.

Likes and Dislikes: Mostly the same as above.

Relationships outside of reality: She, like in reality, is not close to anyone. However, she has met a few people.

Her most notable encounters:

Jaggity TheStalkerBunny "An interesting nightmare-esq citizen of dream realm I met by sheer coincidence. He's a bit frightening, but honestly I can see he has a heart despite that void in his chest."
Oshun TheStalkerBunny "A really neat girl I met recently. She thinks similarly to me, which is so very unusual... I really just can't wait to talk to her more. I just regret that I vocalized my core opinions to her, she probably thinks I'm out of my mind."
Pierriot kingdomstar228 "a dear friend, I believe she is special to me. Jeremy doesn't like her at all, and its quite a shame. She makes me feel good about myself... why must the silly snake hate her so bitterly?"
Nat XDTheSnivy "A cute little thing that just rings a bell in my head somewhere... she resembles something I can't quite remember."
Dante and Shadow Kollab "an enthusiastic young lad, shadow and jeremy dont get along..."
Corrina toastermadness "That lizard girl... currently, there's no way we can coexist. She hates nightmares, and for that I stand and fight against her when my partner is in need of my protection."

What bad things happen when they spawn a nightmare? Why? (What greatly negative things are they prone to that cannot be controlled)

She cannot speak because of the tape over her mouth, Jeremy gains partial control over her thoughts and she shows little to no understanding to those with opposing views. She is in attack mode, and Jeremy will get his way and eat their opponent. She also hallucinates of words everywhere, and walking in blank, pitch black dimensions.

What good things happen when they spawn a fantasy? Why? (What are their powers that can be harnessed to their own advantage and have full control over)
She can jump high and is agile, despite having to lug around a snake on her ass. She also has claws that she uses to scratch opponents. She rarely uses them however, as she sees it as less sophisticated and prefers not to get her hands dirty. Her ability to calm down nightmares also counts as a fantasy of its own.
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